Remember the Time

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Sometimes you just need a reminder about how far you’ve come because you don’t always see it. Me 2 years ago just starting on my weight loss journey. Since then the number on the scale has gone on a roller-coaster ride but I am no where near the place I was then, physically or mentally. Its the little things I am appreciating. No more migraines, my knees aren’t as bad, my cheeks not as “fluffy” as I liked to call them 🙂 I could go on and on.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to encourage yourself is to look back at where you have been to appreciate where you are. Grateful for all I have done with my body and mindset. Excited for what the future holds on this lovely journey.


Standard of Success

What are your standards for success? What do you consider a gain and a loss?

I am in the process of a really big transition in my life and I found myself asking this question. People will tell you how successful you are and list all of your accomplishments but it will never fully mean much to you unless those accomplishments meet your standards. So daily I ask myself what my standards are for myself and am I meeting them. Some days I do and other days not so much. As of late I count my successes with things as “simple” as my water intake or heck how many steps I get in a day. Sometimes the simple things in life are what gives us the most satisfaction. All that extra stuff and stress we put on ourselves is just us placing these standards of success on ourselves that aren’t always feasible. For instance  success = losing weight. I can go to the gym everyday and not lose the weight “I think” I should to be successful. Does that make me or you a failure. Heck no!

Mentally it has been a struggle for me to get into this head space but now that I am… I  feel powerful. So this week I challenge everyone to check your standards of success. Monitor what stress you are putting on yourself versus the much-needed daily encouragement you should be giving yourself. Not to say everyday you shouldn’t work hard at the  goals you want in life but applaud the little accomplishments daily.

Try New Things

Remembering the time I went pole dancing! This is right before I found out I was pregnant…


Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Do things that you are scared to try and you may surprise yourself…
Its always amazing to see what your body is capable of when you try. A few weeks ago in celebration of one of my best friend’s 30th birthday we went to a pole dancing class. Pole dancing was something I always wanted to try but if I am honest with myself was always scared to do. I mean me swinging on a pole!?!! Never in a million years would I think that could be me. But I surprised myself. I had fun and felt very comfortable in my skin. Ironically enough some of the movements I was able to do with ease based on some of the workouts I have done in boot-camp 🙂 Other movements didn’t come so easy but I tried and it it felt pretty damn good. So if there is something you are on the fence about doing…just do it you may surprise yourself. I know I sure did 🙂

Don’t get Comfortable.

When you get comfortable in life that is a sign its a time for a change can we translate that same mindset to healthy living? Our bodies should not be comfortable...

Have you ever gotten comfortable at a job or a place in life, where you knew it was time for change but you didn’t want to leave your comfort zone? I feel like that is a daily struggle. Sometimes it is easier to stay in your little bubble of comfort than to push yourself. Push yourself into the unknown what a scary feeling that can be at times. Before I stopped going to the gym from the baby I hit my comfort zone. I was fine doing the workouts I was good at that required the least amount of risk taking on my part.

I did the bare minimum. I know that for a fact because my body had plateaued and then we all know what happened I got comfortable! A little too comfortable where my food habits went back to the same old junk. My cheat days became more frequent. So why do we love to be comfortable so much especially with eating and workout habits? At work I thrive and excel when I am challenged why can’t I translate that into every other aspect of life?! Is it because I get paid to work and don’t necessarily get that same monetary reward working out? I guess so. But I am learning money is not the only worthwhile reward in life. My health, how I function everyday, how my body feels overall is just as important. Learning to cherish my body and health instead of treating it as an after thought.  So when you get too comfortable…figure out what is your incentive to function day-to-day. Use that same mindset to be your driving force to push you out of your comfort zone. And for those who are like me if money is a driver, just think you can’t go to work and make money if your body is not at 100% to allow you to work.


Do you ever feel like you are just not worth it…that whatever you are fighting for is just not worth it?

A year later and I am back. A lot has happened. 4 months ago I gave birth to my greatest gift. Needless to say a lot has changed in my life. Having a baby was such a great experience for me even with my high anxiety. It was never in the plan for me to have a baby while being overweight. It didn’t help that I had gained back over 20 pounds before finding out I was pregnant to then gain 20 more pounds during pregnancy. So me being me, I knew of all of the potential complications I could have. Surprisingly enough I didn’t have any major issues and didn’t gain “too much” weight to raise concern with the doctors. DSC_0322The only area of concern was my Pseudotumor Cerebri which is triggered my weight gain and could have stopped me from having a vaginal delivery.  I was happy that despite what doctors told me and were concerned about wasn’t even an issue. I was surprised by my strength. I guess the foundation of working out for the past two years really prepared my body more than I thought or even realized. Still, even  after conquering delivery and being home with my son, the insecurities began to creep in.


I saw myself as unhealthy, out of shape, lazy, A COMPLETE HOT MESS EXPRESS! Now thinking about it I don’t know how the heck I thought I was lazy after I had a kid but your mind just loves to play tricks on you. Make you think you are somehow unworthy of great things. How you are unworthy to BE GREAT! It will be a long road or better yet a different route but I am determined to get back to me. I am determined to continue my weight loss journey…even though it is so much more than that. Like having a baby, shedding weight and a mindset is a life changing experience, one that never really can fully be planned. So with that said here is to another transformative year where each day I find myself a little more, I appreciate things a little more, I challenge myself a little more, I value you myself a little more, understanding that days may be challenging but in the end it is all worth it, I am worth it.