Getting Back to my Why

Sometimes we are our own worst critiques. I am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be. The journey to start losing weight was easier said than done. For years I made promises to myself that I was going to make a change, I was going to lose weight and be healthier. I think that this is a common goal for a lot of people. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 that I held true to my word. I am not sure where the determination came from  but I was so focused on succeeding and proving to myself I could do it. That was my why. To prove to myself I could.  6 weeks later I did prove I could and then I hit a roadblock called life. I had really bad knee issues where I had to reduce my workout regimen, went to several different doctors and physical therapy all to find no real solution. I was frustrated and gained weight back on. It is amazing what stress can do to your body.  It was easy to focus on my goal for  a certain period of time, to challenge and push myself. But long-term I struggle. Here is when I had and have to be honest with myself.

I am an emotional eater

√ In my Oprah moment I absolutely love bread

√ I am addicted to sugar but who isn’t!

√ The word CAN’T constantly seems to come out of my mouth with any new workout.

√ I have lazy moments why can’t my fat disappear overnight!

I can list more but I think you get the point. My why is a competition with myself. I  need to beat me! I am my  own worst enemy. But if you know your reasoning then you are able to be accountable for yourself. I have been so focused on the past and present but really have not been focused on the future. Weight loss isn’t instantaneous in most cases and it takes time. If I spend the days focusing on my progression then my regression I would be better off.


When people approach me they are so amazed with my progress. But there are days I don’t see progress I see regression. Those are the days I forget my why. Recently I had forgotten my why and in turn my body took  me on a roller-coaster ride of weight fluctuation. I was in need of a reminder. Here in lies my reason of taking and posting my before and after pictures. Not because I have reached my goal but because I needed reminding. I needed to see the work I was putting in wasn’t for nothing. I needed to see I was succeeding no matter how slow the process. Not everyone loses weight or starts to live a healthy lifestyle for the same reason. But no matter the reason it will always be a journey and look different on everyone. So my first post is about finding your why. Find your why and remind yourself everyday.




7 thoughts on “Getting Back to my Why

  1. I feel like I am writing those words because that is exactly how I feel most days ~ hence, I have taken a break to figure out my “why”? You are such an inspiration, Shanney ! ❤ Can't wait for your next blog posting!


  2. Thank-you Shannon for sharing your struggle as I have had the same struggles and bumps for most of my life. Those who love us see “beauty” it just takes us a little longer to see it in ourselves! Your awesome and beautiful my dear girl!


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