Embrace your Weight

This post I have struggled to write because like all women I really hate talking about weight. It is like a huge elephant in the room. The age-old saying that you should never ask a woman her age or her weight. Time to remove that elephant in the room and have an open and honest conversation about weight.

First I will start off by saying that when anyone has ever tried to guess my weight they have been completely wrong, and if I decided to reveal my actual weight they were shocked. The common saying was “you don’t look that big.” Not sure if that was ever supposed to be considered a compliment but I always uncomfortably said; thank you. Weight like mostly everything else in life is complex and never quite what it seems.  Weight is more than pounds and everyone carries it differently. I can be heavier in weight but more in shape than someone half of my weight. Not saying I am. But weight gain or weight loss can be attributed to so many different things that it shouldn’t just be defined by a single number.


When I started my weight loss journey early last year I was 288 pounds.  As I am writing this I still cringe at that number. That was the heaviest I have ever been and the most unhealthy. It has been a daily challenge and I really try to look within and look at the decisions I made to get me there. Emotional eating was  and is a big one! Had a bad day at work let me order pizza or eat pint of ice cream. I let people and things self sabotage MY BODY.  Meanwhile they go on to live life while I am stuck with the emotional pounds I tacked on because I didn’t know how else to deal with my emotions.Emotional eating gives instant gratification but leaves you with long-term remorse.

I am now down to 248 pounds and I have lost several inches in my waist. Still I am unsatisfied. One because I know I could have lost more in this span of time if I didn’t let others impact my emotions as much as I do. Two because I still have given weight power. The number is just in my head. I don’t weigh myself often but the number still lingers. Weight loss is a journey and honestly there are times where I get frustrated because I haven’t lost a pound or I have gained some back. I am  a work in progress. But sooner or later my weight will become just a number that I will learn to embrace as I continue to be the best the me I can.


3 thoughts on “Embrace your Weight

  1. I can relate to this so well. for years I have struggled staying at a good weight. emotional eating can take over sometimes and it’s almost impossible to stop – once I start. looking forward to your journey and best of luck! truly inspiring xo


  2. I applaud you for your journey Shannon! I too am an extreme emotional eater and would give anything to be anything but. But like you said it’s a work in progress. A journey. And you are doing amazing during yours.


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