I Love Food!?!

It has been a while since my last post. The reason not being that I didn’t have anything to say but more so I wanted it to be the right thing to say. I have been falling back ikaboompics.com_Big red heart on dark background (1).jpgnto so many bad habits and I really had to do some reflecting.  People say weight loss is a journey and I would have to agree. But I would also say it is a time of reflection. A time of re-evaluation. So let me start by saying this I LOVE food.  I love all types of food but my weakness is carbs even though I get super bloated afterwards it tastes so good going down. I just love my pastas and breads! I can’t imagine giving them up.

I love food as do a lot of people. It is a common saying to say I love food. But I thought about using the word love. I thought about how I love and fell in love with my boyfriend. I learned everything about him, I loved how he treated and treats me. He makes me smile. I feel complete when I am with him.  So when I thought about my love for my boyfriend I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of me saying I love food.

If I am being honest half of the food that goes into my mouth I know nothing about. Other than that it tastes good. I don’t always laugh and smile when I eat because sometimes I am sad,angry, annoyed and want to stuff a bunch of chocolate into my mouth. When I eat my delicious pasta until I lean back in my chair I can’t help be uncomfortable. But in my head it is SOOO good.My description of food doesn’t equate to love. It equates to lust, instant gratification with no long-term reward.

It isn’t uncommon to mistake lust for love but I never translated this concept to my food! Saying I love food would require me to know everything about it. It also would be great if the food loved me back, cherished me mind, body and soul. Most of my food choices don’t do that for me. Like any unhealthy relationship or love affair there comes a point in time where a choice needs to be made. You can either continue with the toxic relationship or choose you and choose happiness. In this case healthiness. This will probably my hardest breakup yet.




2 thoughts on “I Love Food!?!

  1. Such a great point! I lost sight of why I started on my journey for three weeks. This past week has been a challenge getting back on track! Personally, I think you are doing great! I see how hard you push at Bootcamp! You are an inspiration!


  2. Loving food in the head VS in the body is suchhhhhh a good point. I’ve been trying to think of food as “just fuel” for the body but really thinking about the mental disconnect people need to make is awesome. I had Dunks for breakfast this morning & inHALED a sausage egg & cheese, & afterward I was like “Man, i THOUGHT that was going to be really satisfying but it wasn’t!” It was good or bad, but i know it wasn’t the right kind of food.


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