I believe that I have said this before but sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  The thing is this whole weight loss journey is hard! I am basically trying to remove all my bad habits that have been a part of my life for 27 years. I have learned about healthy eating. What certain foods do to my body. But yet I still find myself in a battle every day. A battle with myself. Even though I know if I eat too much carbs I become inflamed and too much chocolate breaks out my skin I still eat it in excess. I don’t like how I feel afterwards but in that moment it tastes so good. So what am I to do?

I really had to take the time to understand fully what I am doing to my body. When I feel the need to overindulge on these types of foods. It usually is in stressful moments when I just give up and don’t care. Those are the moments when I stuff my face with no care in the world or the effects after. When I am annoyed at work but I can’t vocalize it I just eat chocolate. These bad foods have become my muzzle and my comfort. I give power to these foods power in my worst circumstances and in the end it doesn’t do anything by hurt me. If I know what these foods do and still eat them in excess than can I blame anyone but me? There comes a time where weight gain or lack of weight loss is just a form of sabotage and doing things and eating things that will do more harm than good.


One thought on “Sabotage

  1. Changing habits, especially ones involving food, is so hard! What I have found that works for me is I don’t say those item are off limit, or forbid myself to have them. Because I am so rebellious, I would do the opposite and sabotage it. Instead I just acknowledge that i want it and I think about what I would get from having it, ya sure it would taste good, but it would also make me gain, make me not feel well, make my cravings come back. And, for the most part, i realize that it would hurt me to have it, even if it felt good in the moment!

    When I get stressed at work I usually take out a piece of paper or open up a new file and just type, even if its just a few words, I get out whats bothering me and that usually gives me some time, almost like a mental buffer, to think about if I really want to eat or its just emotional.

    You can do this! We are in it together! Feel free to reach out if your having a hard time! 🙂


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