What do you See?

There are days you feel great about yourself and there are other days that you pick apart every flaw you think you have and you think everyone can see.Weight loss is such an internal struggle. What I see isn’t what others see. My experience at the Beyoncé concert was just that. I didn’t feel the most confident with such a form-fitting dress. I thought it showed every imperfection and roll of fat I had lol.


While I continued to pick apart every piece of me looking for perfection(not really possible….no one is perfect) others saw a transformation. Others saw my confidence. Mid- way through my Beyoncé Lemonade experience I let all the negativity go and just rocked my rolls in all. That turned into a great profile picture and gave me such a sense of peace.My goal is to see what others always seem to see in me and stop being so hard on myself. It is all about progress over perfection.



2 thoughts on “What do you See?

  1. Shannon, I just love reading your posts!
    But girl you are strong, beautiful and sweet. The sparkle and aura that surrounds you is what people see. Be in love with yourself. Be in love with your healthy-ness! Your gorgeous and every workout that you (we) do gives us the fuel and energy to illuminate from within! When I see you after a sweaty workout in like, yep she’s doin it, im doin it! Bam..done! It’s been a pleasure to get to know you and keep writing your wonderful blogs!

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