The Right Mindset

Most people are not mentally prepared to lose weight.

Everyday I can think of 10,000 excuses as to why I shouldn’t work out or eat clean. For a while those excuses became my way of thinking. You don’t always realize that you are in such a negative cloud until that cloud clears. All of a sudden you are enlightened. Like anything, weight loss is a challenge not a simple fix. It is not something to happen overnight. You are not just transforming your body  you are transforming your mind. Years of unhealthy and toxic habits are being cleansed from your body. That sounds scary,  at least it does to me. It is intimidating. Like most people in the world I doubt my capabilities. My doubts inhibit my possibilities.

But what really scares me is ME. Will I be different? How will things change? Change can be scary. But I am learning that is all weight loss is. It is change. Changing how you think. Changing what you do. Weight loss is adjusting your mindset to be one of focus, determination, understanding. AND  being your own counselor. Digging down and find the root cause of weight. My pounds are my emotions layered on top of each other. It is going to take a while to shed each layer, but for me that starts with the mental then the physical weight loss will follow.



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