What is Your Posture?

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.
~Morihei Ueshiba

My posture was horrible. Shoulders slouched hunched over. Sometimes I was able to catch it and I really did try to adjust.But this is years of just bad posture. It isn’t the norm for me to stand up with my shoulders back and held high.

Ever since joining my gym Bloomfield Fit Body Boot Camp over a year ago I have noticed a change in my posture. It has definitely been gradual. But I have noticed. I walk into the gym with intention, with a purpose. That would make anyone stand upright. Every workout given I focus on my posture, I want to do it right. I don’t want to hurt myself. If you have the right posture working out you can avoid a lot of injuries or strains. So to me posture is everything inside the gym. So how does this translate outside of the gym or to life in general?

Posture says a lot about a person. For me my horrible posture holds my insecurities. It holds my unhappiness, it holds my burdens. Some people wear their stress. I am absolutely one of them. If you pay close attention to my posture you will know what I am feeling.  But like I said I walk into the gym with intention and purpose. When I carry that same intention and purpose outside of the gym my posture stays strong. When life throws me lemons my posture stay strong and I avoid getting hurt and just make lemonade. Once you find  a lifestyle and a group that builds you up on the inside and the outside you start to carry yourself a little differently. You start to see life differently. My gym has done that for me. I know this because my posture told me so.


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