No Thank You

What is the issue with saying no thank you? People get so offended when you say no thank you…like it is an insult to them. “No thank you, I am avoiding carbs. What are you on like a diet or something? No just working on clean eating and a healthier lifestyle. O I guess you can’t go out with us anymore…”

I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing these types of conversations but they are so frustrating. It seems sometimes when you are trying to better yourself and others don’t understand your why or not of the same mindset they are offended by your choice. They are confused when you say no thank you. So this my letter to all of those who I may have offended or are confused by my recent choices:

I am sorry if I have offended you with my no thank you. You see I am at a stage in my life where I am bettering myself and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. My food choices may seem odd to you but they are just right for me and my body. You see I am in the process of not allowing food to have power over me. Until that day where food has no control over me  I need to be strict. So no thank you I don’t want to cheat a little. No thanks I don’t need you to tell me you think I am crazy. No thank you I don’t need to hear that you think I work out too much. While I appreciate your concerns and/or unwarranted feedback I am all set on my end. 

Sometimes the word  NO can seem so weird coming out of your mouth. At times I felt ashamed for saying no. But as I am finding myself and my voice. The word NO is powerful. It gives me control and relinquishes the control I have given others in the past. So the moral of the story is no matter who is on the opposing side don’t be afraid to say No thank you when it comes to the betterment of yourself.



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