I have said this before but we are our own worst critics. I am so hard on myself it is ridiculous. With every workout I always tell myself that I could have done better. When I take rest days I always say I should have gone to the gym. I never give myself enough credit for what I have done I just focus on what needs to be done. I haven’t decided if that is a bad thing. Or maybe that is just it…its not good or bad it is just me being unaware.

If we think about life in general the majority of us are in race to the next best thing. Chasing our goals an dreams. That isn’t a bad thing. I am a firm believer that you should never be comfortable where you are, if you are it is time to push forward and get uncomfortable. We push ourselves harder to reach our fullest potential. That isn’t bad. But sometimes half the fun of reaching your goal is the journey you take to get there. There are so many blessings and great things that happen on a daily basis but we just aren’t paying attention. I was reminded of that today when I got a text saying how amazing I was and how hard I worked in today’s  workout. My response to her was thanks I felt like I was dragging but I am really trying to push myself. You see I am my own worst critic! But then it hit me. I thought back to where I came from, what I was unable to physically a year ago that I can do now. I am truly amazed over my progress. I am so grateful for this journey I am on.

So today’s lesson is to learn to appreciate your journey. Learn to appreciate your growth. You may not be where you want to be but at least you pushed forward from where you were.




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