Judgement Free Zone

Lets be honest and say everyone in the world is judgmental. There is a  time where you can reference back to that you have judged someone for one reason or another. Everyone that is alive and breathing has a story that includes hardships and pain that may not be apparent to onlookers but yet we still judge. Dare I say it is human nature. But I think what it all comes down to is what we do with our judgments.

People that spend their days trying their very best to succeed and accomplish their dreams is something to be admired. You go into certain gyms and I have first hand seen and been the person pushing myself hard to accomplish my goals but there was always a judgement that came from someone else. Sometimes malicious sometimes not. On both occasions I felt judged it made me forget my why. I felt like I was doing something wrong when in a reality I wasn’t.

People judge others based on their own sets of standards and values that they deem as the only way. But great news….we don’t have to live up to anyone else standards other than our own. So their judgments don’t really matter. It may not be easy but it is necessary, to forget about the judgments and standards of others and just focus on your own. This then places you in a judgement free zone. You then are free to do, feel  and embrace life however you want. Here is to living.



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