No Hate…Lets Be Great

It is natural to be envious of another woman’s body. Dare I sometimes admiration turns into envy fairly quickly. We as women nit pick every supposed flaw we have; How we can look better and how we can be better. But the crazy thing is we compare our standards of perfection to other women.Why? There are tons of reasons why we do but I challenge us not to.

I have my gym which I call my tribe and I am surrounded by so many amazing women of all shapes and sizes. I have been at this gym since it opened over a year and half and I have seen so many transformations including mine. Some women joining after me have lost so much weight its inspiring.But in the same breath it has been disheartening because on my not so good days I compare myself and my successes to theirs. I feel like a failure when I compare myself to them. Slowly you feel that jealously creep up then comes the negativity. Self hate is the worst kind of hate because it transcends to every part of you, it exudes from you. So as much as we are comfortable living in the negative and basking in all of our supposed flaws, jealous of other women who flaws we don’t see, we need to stop the cycle of hate. We need to bask in each others greatness. We need embrace our own personal flaws and journey rather than making comparison. We are all great. We thrive better together. Be the encouragement for the women around you but also be the encouragement for the woman within.

Check out this Video from Elle with Chelsea Handler.

“Don’t ever blow out someones candle to make yours brighter”

~Chelsea Handler


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