Round of Applause

I have been in a negative funk lately. I feel so unaccomplished even  with those around me  telling me I look great. In my mind I feel I can look better. But I was talking with my boyfriend and basically complaining about myself. I used the word fat several times and he was very quiet. He told me you know how much damage you are doing to yourself? I was taken aback by that question because I was confused by what he meant. He said “stop talking about yourself so negatively. All your negativity is doing more damage than any workout you missed. A negative mind can do far more damage than you know trust me.”

Well needless to say I got quiet. I took in everything he said. Can’t say I haven’t heard something similar but maybe it resonated more because it was coming from him. I then thought back to where I was to where I am now. I saw old Facebook pictures of myself  to now and was in awe. I am busy  chasing perfection but failing to witness my progressions. I can’t say I have removed every negative thought from my mind but I am learning to applaud myself for every single accomplishment I  make. Here is to being my own worst critic and a continued work in progress.


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