It Is What You Think

Every single day I just keep being introduced to yet another example of how weight loss and weight gain might I add is mostly mental. Is it just me or do you find that  when you  are physically trying to push your self  your mind tries to talk you out of it?

Every single step of the way whether I have been losing or gaining those thoughts of self-doubt creeping in. Can I do it, Will I do it, I am failing, all common thoughts that cross my mind. It is hard to cleanse your mind of years of your mind telling you what you can’t do. My mind has been like a solid brick wall to my physical potential. Slowly but surely the bricks are fading away. I think less, and I do more. So these past few weeks I have taken the following steps to get out of my own way:

  1. DECOMPRESS-Music is my therapy it always decompresses me. Find something to decompress your mind
  2. NOURISH-I had stopped reading and now I make it a point for it to be a part of my past time. Nourish your mind.
  3. DO MORE- It’s not always about what you think it is about what you do. Push yourself to do more than you think you can.




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