Working on Finding Peace

So I am in Day 9 of 30 days with Yoga and I am proud that I have made it this far. I have missed a few days but not going to beat myself up about it. My body has been going through a lot and physically  and I have had to take some days off. But I have never been more relaxed and less stressed!  Day 1 it was obvious that my flexibility was lacking.  It was a challenge and I wanted to quit several times. In the end taking savasana and those few moments to myself , I felt refreshed, I felt the weight of my day come off me.

Yoga is hard but it is also very rewarding. It allows me to take moments for myself and just breathe something I forget to do often.  When stressed just taking a deep breath in and out, sometimes that is just all you need. So day 9 certain moves I struggle to do while surprisingly enough other moves I do with ease. So I’m happy to say this 30 day challenge is going well and I am happy with who I am becoming. 9 down 21 days to go. Happy Thursday everyone!


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