The Truth

I know what to do so why am I not doing it?

The truth of the matter is we all know what it takes to lose weight. The question is will we do what it takes? Will we do what it takes when it gets hard or when it gets challenging?

This is a challenge I face regularly if not daily. These are the days I wish I could eat what I want whether it be deemed healthy or not. Or the days where I don’t feel like working out but instead sleeping and binge watching TV shows. I just want to be lazy sometimes! But the truth of the matter is I know these choices won’t give me  the results that I want. In the end if I do choose to indulge that or be lazy I can’t then be disappointed in what isn’t happening with my body.

We know what to do but sometimes we “don’t want to know” That is fine too. But I am learning not to beat myself up as much. I am learning that I will have to sacrifice a bowl of mac and cheese for a salad and make it a point to stay active even when I don’t want to. The truth is I have to be consistent in those actions only then will I see the results I am looking for. Sometimes the truth hurts but the truth also sets you free.

Weight loss and Healthy Living I am learning is a whole lot of self-reflection, truth bombs and reality checks. Happy Healthy Living!


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