With the stresses of life so came the stress onto my body! I have gone to doctors and all they seem to provide is muscle relaxers which did nothing but help me to sleep at night. Everyday I continued to wake up with the same back pains. The pain was so much that I had to take a step back from working out.  While yoga has been a great help the pain always seems to return. When I  was finally at my breaking point a fellow gym member told me to  check out our local Chiropractor which for me personally has been the best decision for me and my body.  They were interested in finding a solution rather than supplying me with medication. They listened to the issues I was having with my body and examined me to find the best course of care. 8021e735-e7ef-4b3c-ba1d-d70bd5b1f97e

The combination of my sedentary lifestyle with work and stress my body suffers, my spine suffers. Sublaxtion I learned is a misalignment of the vertebrae (spine) , this misalignment can create pressure on and/or irritate spinal nerves. I was shown informational videos and walked through the whole process before my first alignment.  I liked that I was being educated before and during my treatment. Even though I was freaked out and anxious about the weird cracking sounds I would hear from my body I was so comfortable moving forward. Seeing the chiropractor has been an  amazing experience for me. My body  feels better, my back less strained. I still have work to do but I am glad I found relief. This may not be the best fit or solution for everyone but it is working for me. In conjunction with the yoga my body is working for me, not against me. This journey is teaching me to really listen to my body and just to keep moving forward even if I  have to crawl. Often times I know for me personally I would ignore certain discomforts or pains with my body, pass it off as “getting old”.  I am 28  that is CRAZY TALK! Learning to love and listen to my body is the greatest gift I am giving myself. I am feeling so refreshed!


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