Stretch it Out

Okay time to be honest I didn’t finish my 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I do plan on doubling up to get all the videos in but I haven’t completed them yet. To be honest  after sitting on the computer all day I work  I  just don’t feel like turning it back on when I get home to load the videos. Then you have the mornings, heck if I am honest I just don’t want to get up! But enough with my excuses and explanations.

I love the videos I have done thus far and even though I did not complete all the videos yet I have implemented some of the stretches into my daily routine. Whether before bed, in the mornings or even in the middle of my work day I find myself doing  poses like cat/cow and warrior and it feels great! Amazing what stretching can do for your body, how much relief it provides. Crazy thing is I think I have spent years not breathing. 🙂 At least not big deep meaningful breathes. The thing is with yoga I get that release of whatever has compounded on me daily or weekly. I just let it go.

So all though I failed at completing my yoga challenge in 30 days, totally my fault… but the lessons I have learned this far are of so much value! Cheers to positive thinking and the glass half full mentality. Acknowledging the little strides I have made instead of beating myself up for the large steps I have yet to complete.


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