Are you Willing?

Just when life seems to be calming down another storm is gearing up…be prepared for life’s changing seasons… be prepared to fight through life’s storms.


I was listening to an old sermon  in my car and it has been on replay for the past week. It is funny how so many lessons in life can be referenced to so many different things in your life. The title of the sermon was When Work Starts a War. In the sermon he posed questions that really made me think. He starts off by asking what would life be like if we fought for the things we cried about? Where would we be if we fought for the things we worked hard for?

If you are like me I need a few doses of reality checks every now and then and this was it for me. I have worked really hard to lose the weight I have thus far and yet there are often times I feel defeated and like a failure. But after listening to this sermon a few times I realize that everyday will be a challenge. Everyday I will have to choose to fight for what I have already worked so hard for. Now is not the time to throw in the towel, now is the time to fight harder. Now is the time to not succumb to any negative thoughts or doubts that I have but to fight everyday. Its time to fight for me, fight for everything I have to already done so that I can maintain and surpass it. So I guess I will ask you what are you willing to fight for? Are you willing to fight for you? Are you willing to fight for all you have accomplished?


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