Is it me or do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? Even the slightest things subconsciously I compare without even realizing. Then I get mad at myself for doing it in the first place. Reminding myself that I am me, there is no one else like me, feel free to be me. I chant that to myself a lot nowadays because it can be easy to get caught up in comparisons daily. How someone else looks in an outfit, reasons why it wouldn’t look right  on me. I stare at other women’s body parts and wish I had their legs, their arms, their toosh you name it! Why do we as women feel the need to compare ourselves to one another?

I am currently finishing up Erin Brown’s As is book and it just still has me questioning me. These comparisons whether negative or positive all have to do with me and how I see myself. Rather than looking in the mirror and appreciating all this is me I am forcing my reflection on other women hoping that I feel better about me! It is just not healthy but a hard habit to break.Here is to changing my perspective.

“The more peaceful you are about others, the easier it is to be peaceful about yourself.”

~Erin Brown


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