Support System

When I ventured into this weight-loss journey I am not quite sure if everyone took me seriously. Which is fine because I didn’t either, I had a lot to prove to myself. But then when the weight-loss came, more of my friends and associates started to take notice. I never really was a fan of attention and to me I get extremely awkward. Needless to say losing weight for me at first was uncomfortable. But I still chose to share on social media for my own accountability and daily encouragement. I never intended it to have an impact on others even more so impact on how they viewed me. In most cases the feedback and gestures where positive and warm. But then came the harsh and unwarranted responses. The friends who joked about how much I chose to work out or the unsanctioned advice I got from associates critiquing my diet.

Honestly I don’t believe they meant any harm or intended to make me feel bad, at least that is my opinion. But I do know their words impacted me. They made me doubt me. They made me feel judged and not supported. But here is the thing, with any journey, not everyone is going to be able to travel on the same road you are. I am continuously learning that. I have specific goals for myself and my body and having a reliable and encouraging support system is necessary. I know its more comforting to think that support system will be your friends and family but that’s not always the case. Some times they will be the ones who are the most un-supportive and most crippling to your progress. Focusing on  building and developing a solid support system is the best decision I made for me. There is nothing like getting real and genuine support on something that has become so important to me and my growth.

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” ~Misty Copeland


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