Post Month Hiatus

Being off for a month from boot camp has been rough. It’s crazy how you lose some of your gains so fast. I mean my push ups are back to the beginning and it knocked me back a bit. The first 2 days I felt like such a failure. My mind was telling me I wasn’t ready and I was so close to listening to it. I thought I lost my mojo. But Day 3 was better than the first two and I reminded myself of the process. So I have kept my promise to start going 3 days a week. I haven’t lost all my progress even if it feels like it sometimes.

No matter what or how I think I look… I complete the class. I have to keep going, I have to stay and I have to progress. I literally have started to say all types of different chants in my head these days. Negative thoughts and my own discouragement won’t stop me now. I choose to keep going and to keep trying.


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