What’s Your Mantra?


  • a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation
  • a statement or slogan repeated frequently.


There are days that are long, there are days that are tough and just really hard to get through. We live in an age where we constantly have to combat negativity and negative people. It is a daily challenge and it is easy to succumb to the negative and turn on yourself. It becomes easy to beat yourself up, stress yourself out and doubt any and everything.  The gym isn’t always available when my stress is triggered and it can be overwhelming because I need a release. For me its a battle I face daily and I actively try to remain positive and focused. While prayer is  a HUGE factor for me personally I also have been giving myself pep talks. When I feel the stress  and anxiety coming I say these little mantras that calm me.

I am me, there is no one else like me, feel free to be me.

I am brave, I am powerful, I am confident, I am success,  I am creative, I am grateful, I am strong, I am blessed, I am capable.

Everything happens for a reason, storms come and storms go, But I am still here.

This may not work for everyone but has been a great tool for me.  It reminds me that I not my circumstance, the stress and negativity will fade away. It has helped me continue with my positive vibes  only movement.  If you don’t have a mantra or mantras it is important to find something that stops you from going to a negative space when people and situations are pulling you there.



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