Don’t get Comfortable.

When you get comfortable in life that is a sign its a time for a change can we translate that same mindset to healthy living? Our bodies should not be comfortable...

Have you ever gotten comfortable at a job or a place in life, where you knew it was time for change but you didn’t want to leave your comfort zone? I feel like that is a daily struggle. Sometimes it is easier to stay in your little bubble of comfort than to push yourself. Push yourself into the unknown what a scary feeling that can be at times. Before I stopped going to the gym from the baby I hit my comfort zone. I was fine doing the workouts I was good at that required the least amount of risk taking on my part.

I did the bare minimum. I know that for a fact because my body had plateaued and then we all know what happened I got comfortable! A little too comfortable where my food habits went back to the same old junk. My cheat days became more frequent. So why do we love to be comfortable so much especially with eating and workout habits? At work I thrive and excel when I am challenged why can’t I translate that into every other aspect of life?! Is it because I get paid to work and don’t necessarily get that same monetary reward working out? I guess so. But I am learning money is not the only worthwhile reward in life. My health, how I function everyday, how my body feels overall is just as important. Learning to cherish my body and health instead of treating it as an after thought.  So when you get too comfortable…figure out what is your incentive to function day-to-day. Use that same mindset to be your driving force to push you out of your comfort zone. And for those who are like me if money is a driver, just think you can’t go to work and make money if your body is not at 100% to allow you to work.


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