Try New Things

Remembering the time I went pole dancing! This is right before I found out I was pregnant…


Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Do things that you are scared to try and you may surprise yourself…
Its always amazing to see what your body is capable of when you try. A few weeks ago in celebration of one of my best friend’s 30th birthday we went to a pole dancing class. Pole dancing was something I always wanted to try but if I am honest with myself was always scared to do. I mean me swinging on a pole!?!! Never in a million years would I think that could be me. But I surprised myself. I had fun and felt very comfortable in my skin. Ironically enough some of the movements I was able to do with ease based on some of the workouts I have done in boot-camp 🙂 Other movements didn’t come so easy but I tried and it it felt pretty damn good. So if there is something you are on the fence about doing…just do it you may surprise yourself. I know I sure did 🙂


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