Standard of Success

What are your standards for success? What do you consider a gain and a loss?

I am in the process of a really big transition in my life and I found myself asking this question. People will tell you how successful you are and list all of your accomplishments but it will never fully mean much to you unless those accomplishments meet your standards. So daily I ask myself what my standards are for myself and am I meeting them. Some days I do and other days not so much. As of late I count my successes with things as “simple” as my water intake or heck how many steps I get in a day. Sometimes the simple things in life are what gives us the most satisfaction. All that extra stuff and stress we put on ourselves is just us placing these standards of success on ourselves that aren’t always feasible. For instance  success = losing weight. I can go to the gym everyday and not lose the weight “I think” I should to be successful. Does that make me or you a failure. Heck no!

Mentally it has been a struggle for me to get into this head space but now that I am… I  feel powerful. So this week I challenge everyone to check your standards of success. Monitor what stress you are putting on yourself versus the much-needed daily encouragement you should be giving yourself. Not to say everyday you shouldn’t work hard at the  goals you want in life but applaud the little accomplishments daily.


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