When life gets in the way of life. When your daily burdens take the place of your daily passions. When you rather settle for the easy than fight for the hard. I know  I can’t be the only one who struggles with this thing called life. There are days that are just so overwhelming, that I just get lost in the thick of it. I don’t have time to work out, heck often I don’t have time for my own thoughts. Yes I am a new mom and that takes up a lot of my time these days but I can’t say life only got hard after I had my son. The truth is life has always been a challenge. There are good days and bad days, but everyday is a challenge. Now the daily struggle for me is tackling these challenges and having the energy to tackle them. But also putting more energy into things I am passionate about.

So I bring this up because I placed a challenge on myself for the month of March. I wanted to document my challenge on this blog but my computer caught a virus (challenge). So I was posting  just from my phone for the month of March. The month of March was filled with applying for new jobs while trying to respectfully severe all ties from my previous job with no working computer (challenge). So needless to say my PUSH Challenge which consisted of push ups, squats and hydration throughout the month to culminate with 50 squats, 100 push ups and 1 gallon of water to be completed in one day was a fail. I got to about week 2.5 before my daily tasks became after thoughts (challenge).  This post is more of a vent session but also a reminder to myself. Life is full of obstacles but I just have remember to keep pressing forward, keep challenging myself, keep being honest with myself and holding myself accountable. No one said this process was easy but I know what I need to do and March was a struggle month for me. Honestly I have been in a season of struggles. But things are looking up and  I know everything happens for a reason. April begins my new season and new challenges. I am excited to take you on this ride called life with me.



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