Fitspiration Friday

Fitspiration Friday Spotlight

                                     Kim Cavalieri

Kim is another one of my trainers at Bloomfield Fit Body Bootcamp (FBBC) who has become a friend  and mentor. I have witnessed her journey and have been so inspired by her strength and resilience. She is just another woman who inspires me and encourages me to keep moving forward on my healthy living journey.

How  has working out and eating healthy changed your life?

So, I have always worked out, but have never enjoyed it as much as I have, since being at FBBC. For the food part, eating healthy was always where I fell short. I felt for as long as I can remember, that food was something that needed to be “earned”. I think that is why I always gravitated towards unhealthy options… because I “earned” them. When I started at FBBC, everything came together for me, specifically during our Game Changer Challenge. I started to understand what people meant when they would refer to their bodies as machines and food as the fuel. I realized very early on, that I was not even giving myself a chance in terms of what my body and mind for that matter, were capable of. That was the exact moment when I decided to apply and see if I could be a part of the first Game Changer.

 Since connecting eating food that really serves my body in the best way possible and doing workouts that make me stronger every day, I feel so much more in control of my life. It amazes me how it all translates. Since getting control over my nutrition and continuing to push myself in the gym, everything in my life has improved and expanded. It sounds sort of sad to me now, but I actually have self-worth because of all it. I don’t think I ever realized how much I was lacking that before. I can see it with everything, particularly when it comes to deciding who, and what deserves my energy. Because I value myself more and because I am choosier with who and what gets my energy, I can bring all of me into things and not just these random broken pieces. I am still VERY much a work in progress. However, over the last few years of being diligent with respecting myself enough to actually show up for ME, I feel like every day really is an opportunity to be a better version of myself, than I was the day before. And while I have a long way to go still, when I get frustrated with myself, I try to look back at what I have been able to accomplish and that makes me smile and want to keep trudging forward on the tougher days because I finally KNOW I am worth it.


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