Under Construction

So I am not ashamed to say  I have lost my way. As a matter of fact I have been lost for a while now. Because this blog was created to show the transparency of my healthy living journey it is only fair that I remain honest. Lately my posts have been me talking to myself about getting back on track.  Which is all fine to keep me motivated but I wasn’t actually doing the work. So with that said I am currently participating in a 8-week challenge with my gym. This is a very intense challenge that is pushing me physically than ever before but also forcing me to address things beyond the physical. I just completed week 1 and am now in week 2. So I have made the conscious decision to not post any more personal posts until the end of the challenge in June. I want to engross myself fully into this challenge and give it my  all and then I will share my journey with you! 

In the meantime…Monday motivation will still take place as we all could use a dose of motivation on a Monday. Also if you haven’t noticed Fridays will be dedicated to my fitspirations. These are all amazing women who have inspired me on this journey in some way, shape or form and will be my continued source of encouragement throughout this 8 week  process. 

Cheers to be under construction and finding the new or maybe the old me?



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