Fitspiration Friday

Fitspiration Friday Spotlight

Brooke Daniels a.k.a Brooke Trinity

Brooke is another friend from college who I have stayed in contact with over social media. And can I tell you watching her transformation and her continued transformation has been amazing and so inspirational. As a fitness model and bikini bodybuilder she is living her best life on her own terms, really showcasing that dreams can come true and reminding us all just keep on pushing. 

Once you hit your original goal how important was it for you to keep setting more goals and continue to challenge yourself?

I believe in setting short and long-term goals!
Short term goals align me with my “bigger picture” vision and include daily, weekly and monthly victories! For me, there is no destination because life is a learning process full of setbacks, failures, successes, victories, pain & drama- it’s all about learning how to navigate above and through the chaos!
Specifically over the past couple years, I’ve been trusting & leaning into my faith in God, not feeding into my emotions, practicing self-love & discipline and making sure I’m having fun in the process! If I’m not having fun or learning something from an experience, then I really have to step back and ask myself, “Why am I doing even doing this and is it time well spent?”
My past music & entertainment industry experience has 100% helped me organize, manage & execute my passion projects, as well as smell BS from a mile away (hehe). I’ve taken my project management skills and applied them to create tangible & realistic personal goals! I believe it’s important to acknowledge & believe in your long-term goal and then work backwards to determine what needs to be done daily, monthly, annually, etc to manifest it.
The way I challenge myself is through self-honesty and not being hard on myself. The best growth and self-discovery has come from failed attempts, putting myself in situations outside my comfort zone and knowing that my journey will never be the same as any other human being, so there’s no point in comparing or ridiculing others!

How has your mindset changed since you begin to win competitions and choosing a healthier lifestyle?

Let’s be honest, winning competitions is awesome! It gives you a sense of accomplishment, happiness and success!!! But my happiness and contentment can’t solely come from a competition, show or trophy…it must come from within and remain consistent!
I can honestly say that I’ve had the same excitement and sense of accomplishment placing 16th at a show as when I placed 1st at this year’s Arnold Schwarzenegger competition! If I know I worked hard, had fun, accomplished what I wanted to & executed an amazing routine, then that is enough for me! If I am driven by money, titles & promotions, then I am setting myself up for failure in the long run. Money comes and money goes!!!!
When I decided to pursue bodybuilding and actually go for it, my first thoughts were “Wow, this is really fun, I can be amazing at this and I love the things I’m learning about myself in the process.” I’d NEVER had a feeling like that before in my life and that’s when I had the awakening that this was a part of my purpose driven journey.
I lived a healthy lifestyle before I began bodybuilding, so my transition wasn’t too drastic.
Any human being can create new habits if they want to, it’s simply about making an agreement with yourself & staying committed. My main tricks to success are filtering out negativity, learning your likes & dislikes, surrounding yourself with like-minded souls & making your own opinions about things. I also think becoming a multi-dimensional person can help broaden your experiences, knowledge and help you see things in a different light.
Being kind and patient with yourself is crucial and knowing it’s okay if you stumble and fall a couple times…as long as you brush yourself off and keep pushing forward! 😉
Check out Brooke’s website

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