Shut Up

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Sometimes our inner voice is louder than any other person around us. So on this journey of healthy living, daily I am faced with temptations to go back to my old ways of living.


Why not, it definitely would be easier? But my goals require me to move forward not backward. But in my head those voices of doubt seem to creep up every time I am progressing on my journey.

The voices of self-doubt and self-sabotage bombard the forefront of my mind. Making me question if I can really change my mindset permanently? Can I really lose weight and keep it off ? Oh and don’t let me gain any weight back or have a bloated day. All bets are off and I am in full on attack with MYSELF!

But as I grow and become more grounded in me and all my imperfections my voice is stronger. I can’t continue to be a bully to my mind and body. Everyday won’t be perfect, and I won’t feel perfect but who does? I have now gotten to the point where I am constantly battling the negative thoughts that try to creep up regularly but now I have the confidence and the voice to tell them to shut the f up. No one not even you yourself can steal your progress.



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