In 2015 I finally made the choice to get healthy and to lose weight. Since I made that decision my life has never been the same. In some cases I  have seen success and  in others I have seen failure. I have learned a lot about myself but I am still learning more and more each day. I have shared some of my journey on my social media accounts but not everything. So many people have reached out or commented on my transformation thus far it has been humbling but also inspiring. It is a combination of so many things and I want to keep sharing my story and be as transparent as possible with every part of this process. From the food that I  am eating, my daily workouts, supplements that I take, my struggles, my growth  I want to talk about it all. This journey that I am on is not just physical. I am on the journey to find myself physically, mentally and spiritually.  I have chosen this platform to share my real for  those interested in reading and coming along on this journey with me.

blue dress


One thought on “About

  1. SO PROUD OF YOU! You are an inspiration to females everywhere! It takes a lot of confidence and courage to put a weight loss journey out to the internet. I cannot wait to read more from you <3!


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