Weekly Motivation


Don’t get consumed or stressed by what you have yet to accomplish, instead acknowledge and find peace with how far you have come and all that you have conquered thus far. 

~Shannon Reynolds


Are you mentally prepared?

If I could just lose 50 pounds everything would be better. If my boobs just shrunk more I could wear that outfit. If I lose weight my skin will clear up and my hair texture will change to look like hers. If I lose weight I will find love. If I just get to a size 8 then he will want me. If my stomach was flat like yours I would be happy…

I mean I could list so much more of the things I have said myself and have heard other people say and its all bullshit. There is a complete misconception of the weight loss journey and what it actually looks like. First and foremost weight loss looks different on every single person. No ones journey is the same but yet we as women will spend our days comparing and contrasting our experiences, success and failures to someone else’s. BUT WHY?

“Comparisons and Competitions comes when you lose focus and stop challenging yourself”

~Shannon Reynolds

Secondly in most cases and this is where my gut punch reality check came in; weight loss is more than just the number on the scale. DUH! Hard pill to swallow  and usually I ignored that simple fact. I told myself like no I just want to be under 200 pounds then I will be happy. I just want to be able to do 10 push ups and that will satisfy me. I want the rolls on my back gone then I would be more confident in my clothes. LIES!!!

I literally  was lying to myself to avoid my real shit. My real issues and weight gain was more than just pounds of fat. My weight was pounds upon pounds and layers upon layers of  stress, brokenness, defeat, negativity, people triggers, lack of self-worth. I MEAN COME ON! Who wants to really admit something like that. Who really wants to undress the layers of weight we have on our bodies. The physical is easy but the mental, that is a whole other ball game. I have spent the last 5 months tackling my mental and transforming my mindset to a place where I want to be and I place I want to show up daily. So now people are saying more than ever before when I have lost weight you look different, you look happy, you are glowing…Welp that is because I am and it is not because a number of the scale. Now when people ask me for advice I say are you mentally prepared? Because with any weight loss journey you have to mentally prepare for your transformation dare I say even more than the physical aspect. It is never easy but for me it has been so worth it.

Me vs. Food


For as long I can remember I have had an unhealthy relationship with food. This photo was taken almost 6 years ago, way before my journey to healthy living began. Food always was an emotion for me, whether I was happy or sad, food was always near by and one-bite away. Then I would eat until everything was gone. My body would be so uncomfortable but I wouldn’t stop because I was raised to not waste food. Because I had that upbringing I couldn’t get my mind around what it meant to be full versus what it meant to be finished. In my mind I was full when my plate was finished.

Doing the game changer challenge at my gym opened my mind up to so many different factors as to why I was stuck in my complacency. Why I would peak in my weight loss journey just to fall into the trap of my old bad habits? My habit to over indulge on food is huge for me. When I cleansed my body and started to fuel my body it clicked. And then when the challenge ended and I worked on maintaining all of my hard work I realized I still had to work on my relationship with food.

Like a guy you know is bad for you and is nothing but dead weight but you refuse to let him go… that is me and some of my food choices. They do nothing but bloat me and make me feel like shit but yet I am having a hard time giving it up. I found in my journey I have a huge sensitivity to gluten AND dairy isn’t my friend. But I’m like NO I want to keep them around. But I’ve come to realize that it isn’t the food it is the emotion attached to them. It is the fear of excelling past where I already am. It also is the fear of something different for me. But my body is craving something different and it thrives when I fuel it with the right thing. So while it is a daily battle of making the right food choices for me, I am more aware than ever before, and I am making strides to do better and remain consistent. It all comes down as my trainer says to how I want to feel. And while there are days I feel like crap I don’t have to allow my body to feel like crap just because my emotions are telling me to do it. My biggest challenge is me and I am working hard everyday conquer the roadblocks of me.