Daily Motivation

Waking up with an hearty appetite  and determination ready to take on the world!



Home Bound

Since I am home bound and forced to rest due to a nasty viral infection….I don’t have much to say this week. But God has forced me to be still and rather than continue to complain I am excepting this. I’m always on the go and even when I am tired I keep on pushing I don’t give myself much time to reflect or rest often. But today is a day of reflection and rest. I am  grateful for life.

Life doesn’t owe you anything other than life itself. Be grateful for your life and spend everyday not expecting anything to be handed to you but everyday fulfilling your purpose,  following your passions and grateful for life itself.


Changing Your Tune

I don’t have much to say today other than…

When you are tired of the same old song and dance you will change your tune.

Currently working on finding the right tune for me. I am a work in progress but  I will never quit. Worrying less about others’ opinions  and accomplishments and more about mine. Its time to start dancing to my own beat.

Is it Just Me?

When people realize  you are choosing a more healthy lifestyle is it just me but  people tend to be more critical of your every move or maybe it’s just me?

This is the season where  I go to parties or public events more frequently. I feel like if that day is my day to indulge I should announce it to avoid the “supposed looks” I will receive when I pick up a roll of bread or load up on the pasta.

The truth is that it’s not easy and yes there will be days I indulge when I shouldn’t but those eyeballs make me feel so guilty and so judged!!!! But funny thing is in most cases no one is looking at you, you are looking at you!   I am finally starting to understand how much control I have given food over my life. It has so much control that I feel bad, guilty and judged when I eat it. In the world we live there are lots of types of foods that are bad for you or will impact your body but the end decision is yours. If you  are eating something “bad” accept it and move on. Easier said than done for me. Either way challenging myself to not beat myself up, but rather remember everything in moderation and accept my food choices as is. It has no longer become about lingering  on what I have already done or eaten for me and more about moving forward and making the right food choices for me with  a few indulges here and there 🙂

Glass Ceiling

Weight has always been a “thing” with me. I’ve never been deemed as the”skinny girl” and that has been my comfort zone for 25+ years.

Sometimes your own comfort zone can be your glass ceiling.It keeps you just where you are because if you get uncomfortable you will want to move and breakout! If I’m honest when I started going to the gym almost 2 years ago I was scared shitless but I pushed myself because I was focused and told myself I wouldn’t quit. But life comes with distractions and since then I have had many and if I am going to be completely honest with myself I got comfortable and stopped pushing myself. I went with the weights most comfortable to me,  the routines I knew I had mastered and avoided things that I “swore” my body wouldn’t allow me to do like run and jump… I did that in moderation.

Well there are certain goals I have myself that I have yet to hit and it’s because of me. Yes I have had injuries, nothing life altering that has to stop me. But I have allowed it because I got comfortable and in the same breath scared. What happens when I hit my goal?…. If you are the person who says make another goal I would have to agree because that scared me even more! Change can be scary especially if you been doing and living the same way for over 25 years. I have definitely hit my glass ceiling of comfortability and now its time to get uncomfortable! Yikes:)