Fitspiration Friday

Fitspiration Friday Spotlight

Brooke Daniels a.k.a Brooke Trinity

Brooke is another friend from college who I have stayed in contact with over social media. And can I tell you watching her transformation and her continued transformation has been amazing and so inspirational. As a fitness model and bikini bodybuilder she is living her best life on her own terms, really showcasing that dreams can come true and reminding us all just keep on pushing. 

Once you hit your original goal how important was it for you to keep setting more goals and continue to challenge yourself?

I believe in setting short and long-term goals!
Short term goals align me with my “bigger picture” vision and include daily, weekly and monthly victories! For me, there is no destination because life is a learning process full of setbacks, failures, successes, victories, pain & drama- it’s all about learning how to navigate above and through the chaos!
Specifically over the past couple years, I’ve been trusting & leaning into my faith in God, not feeding into my emotions, practicing self-love & discipline and making sure I’m having fun in the process! If I’m not having fun or learning something from an experience, then I really have to step back and ask myself, “Why am I doing even doing this and is it time well spent?”
My past music & entertainment industry experience has 100% helped me organize, manage & execute my passion projects, as well as smell BS from a mile away (hehe). I’ve taken my project management skills and applied them to create tangible & realistic personal goals! I believe it’s important to acknowledge & believe in your long-term goal and then work backwards to determine what needs to be done daily, monthly, annually, etc to manifest it.
The way I challenge myself is through self-honesty and not being hard on myself. The best growth and self-discovery has come from failed attempts, putting myself in situations outside my comfort zone and knowing that my journey will never be the same as any other human being, so there’s no point in comparing or ridiculing others!

How has your mindset changed since you begin to win competitions and choosing a healthier lifestyle?

Let’s be honest, winning competitions is awesome! It gives you a sense of accomplishment, happiness and success!!! But my happiness and contentment can’t solely come from a competition, show or trophy…it must come from within and remain consistent!
I can honestly say that I’ve had the same excitement and sense of accomplishment placing 16th at a show as when I placed 1st at this year’s Arnold Schwarzenegger competition! If I know I worked hard, had fun, accomplished what I wanted to & executed an amazing routine, then that is enough for me! If I am driven by money, titles & promotions, then I am setting myself up for failure in the long run. Money comes and money goes!!!!
When I decided to pursue bodybuilding and actually go for it, my first thoughts were “Wow, this is really fun, I can be amazing at this and I love the things I’m learning about myself in the process.” I’d NEVER had a feeling like that before in my life and that’s when I had the awakening that this was a part of my purpose driven journey.
I lived a healthy lifestyle before I began bodybuilding, so my transition wasn’t too drastic.
Any human being can create new habits if they want to, it’s simply about making an agreement with yourself & staying committed. My main tricks to success are filtering out negativity, learning your likes & dislikes, surrounding yourself with like-minded souls & making your own opinions about things. I also think becoming a multi-dimensional person can help broaden your experiences, knowledge and help you see things in a different light.
Being kind and patient with yourself is crucial and knowing it’s okay if you stumble and fall a couple times…as long as you brush yourself off and keep pushing forward! 😉
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Fitspiration Friday

Fitspiration Friday Spotlight

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea and I went to college together and have stayed connected through social media. I have been inspired by her and her fitness journey for years. Her dedication and determination even with the new title of mommy is so inspiring and has motivated me to keep at it and find the time for me.

How do you find time for your physical health after having a baby?

When I first had my daughter, Troi, it took me 8 weeks to get back in the gym.  Once I decided I was ready to get back to exercising, I set aside 35 minutes, 3 times a week, to workout.  I’d do 5 minutes of stretch/warmup and 30 minutes of cardio on the Stairmaster, treadmill, or elliptical.  I was just trying to get my stamina back.  Lifting wasn’t even a thought right after pregnancy.  I knew I just needed to get used to my previous level of “pump”.  After all, my daughter was almost 9 lbs at birth so I had my share of heavy lifting at home with her.  Anyway, after eating terribly (cause cravings) during pregnancy, 35 minutes was all I could commit to.  Three times a week, I’d put on my gym clothes and sit around until my husband got home.  As soon as he walked in, I’d hand him the baby and run out of the door.  Literally, if I wasn’t gone within minutes of him coming home, I wouldn’t have made it to the gym. IT.WAS.HARD! It took about four weeks for me to get back in the swing of things.  Then, we bought a house and decided to make our basement a home gym.  Then, there was NO EXCUSE! Just as before, I’d change clothes as soon as I got in from work (cause how terrible would it be to not workout after having on your clothes) and right after putting my daughter to bed, to the basement I went! I literally told myself, “you have no choice but to work out!” With lots of positive self-talk, to the point that exercise is now non-negotiable, I am able to workout 4-5 times a week. I treat exercise like it is a part of my daily life, just like eating and sleeping. When I start to allow the “maybe I’ll miss today” thoughts to creep in, I tell myself that if I can commit 8 hrs. to my students, about an hr to television and God knows how much time to social media, I can commit at least 30 minutes to myself each day!

What keeps you motivated?

Honestly, what keeps me motivated is the progress.  I don’t weigh myself often but I’m very aware of how my body looks in and out of clothes.  I notice the smallest of “gains”.  I pay attention to what I call my “I had a baby pouch” (the lower abdomen) and I notice how it doesn’t hang over my pants as much as it used to.    I notice the little muscles developing in my arms.  They’re small, but I see them.  When I lift, I notice when a weight feels lighter than it used to.  I notice when ten burpees don’t feel like death. I notice it all and each moment of progress keeps me going.  Oh and one other thing, I start envisioning my next workout the day before it happens.  I try to get it in my head early.  With me, it’s mostly mental.  The more mind games I play with myself, the better.  I have to get inside my own head and remember that when I don’t workout, I’m only hurting myself and when I do, I’m one step closer to my goal.


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Under Construction

So I am not ashamed to say  I have lost my way. As a matter of fact I have been lost for a while now. Because this blog was created to show the transparency of my healthy living journey it is only fair that I remain honest. Lately my posts have been me talking to myself about getting back on track.  Which is all fine to keep me motivated but I wasn’t actually doing the work. So with that said I am currently participating in a 8-week challenge with my gym. This is a very intense challenge that is pushing me physically than ever before but also forcing me to address things beyond the physical. I just completed week 1 and am now in week 2. So I have made the conscious decision to not post any more personal posts until the end of the challenge in June. I want to engross myself fully into this challenge and give it my  all and then I will share my journey with you! 

In the meantime…Monday motivation will still take place as we all could use a dose of motivation on a Monday. Also if you haven’t noticed Fridays will be dedicated to my fitspirations. These are all amazing women who have inspired me on this journey in some way, shape or form and will be my continued source of encouragement throughout this 8 week  process. 

Cheers to be under construction and finding the new or maybe the old me?


Fitspiration Friday

Fitspiration Friday Spotlight

                                     Kim Cavalieri

Kim is another one of my trainers at Bloomfield Fit Body Bootcamp (FBBC) who has become a friend  and mentor. I have witnessed her journey and have been so inspired by her strength and resilience. She is just another woman who inspires me and encourages me to keep moving forward on my healthy living journey.

How  has working out and eating healthy changed your life?

So, I have always worked out, but have never enjoyed it as much as I have, since being at FBBC. For the food part, eating healthy was always where I fell short. I felt for as long as I can remember, that food was something that needed to be “earned”. I think that is why I always gravitated towards unhealthy options… because I “earned” them. When I started at FBBC, everything came together for me, specifically during our Game Changer Challenge. I started to understand what people meant when they would refer to their bodies as machines and food as the fuel. I realized very early on, that I was not even giving myself a chance in terms of what my body and mind for that matter, were capable of. That was the exact moment when I decided to apply and see if I could be a part of the first Game Changer.

 Since connecting eating food that really serves my body in the best way possible and doing workouts that make me stronger every day, I feel so much more in control of my life. It amazes me how it all translates. Since getting control over my nutrition and continuing to push myself in the gym, everything in my life has improved and expanded. It sounds sort of sad to me now, but I actually have self-worth because of all it. I don’t think I ever realized how much I was lacking that before. I can see it with everything, particularly when it comes to deciding who, and what deserves my energy. Because I value myself more and because I am choosier with who and what gets my energy, I can bring all of me into things and not just these random broken pieces. I am still VERY much a work in progress. However, over the last few years of being diligent with respecting myself enough to actually show up for ME, I feel like every day really is an opportunity to be a better version of myself, than I was the day before. And while I have a long way to go still, when I get frustrated with myself, I try to look back at what I have been able to accomplish and that makes me smile and want to keep trudging forward on the tougher days because I finally KNOW I am worth it.